Hi Everyone! I’m Haley. I graduated from M-State in 2010 with both my Liberal Arts, and Liberal Fine Arts degree and currently I  am finishing up my Bachelors (with an emphasis in photography) at MSUM.  In the last few years I was mainly focused on the art of self expression through self portrait photography until I found a challenge that was much more difficult  and satisfying; the art of photographing others.

Capturing the essence, beauty and spirituality of the someone and how they interact with their environment creates more than just a photograph to look at. It’s a complete memory, a piece of artwork, and that is the goal of “Lifestyle” photography. I want to give my clients something they can hold on to, cherish and talk about for years that is uniquely them and no one else.

On top of photography, I have many other hobbies and passions like music, cooking, baking, movies, camping, fishing, and believe me the list goes on forever.  Mainly, I just want to enjoy life for what it is, take the challenges of life head on, and wake up in the morning knowing I’m here on Earth for a purpose.


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