BWCA | 2013 A short film by Haley Frost


Please take a moment to explore and enjoy the wonders of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, as we saw it. Enjoy


Campfires & Canoes

What a perfect way to introduce this post full of images from the trip to the Boundary Waters! We (Joe, Justin, Alex, and I) got to take a week long trip to the Boundary Waters back in the beginning of August. It was an incredible journey full of canoe adventures, rapids, fishing, campfires and (most importantly) laughter!

This was the beginning of our trip. We had a 7 hour canoe trip to reach our destination, and it was the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen (including some fun from our crew!)!

I’ve got some great memories of canoeing around, sitting by the campfire, fishing and screwing around! Thankfully we had some film cameras with us for traveling! The above images were taken with waterproof film cameras. The images below were taken with my DSLR. =)

I have a ton of photos from our trip, but sorting through them all probably won’t be happening until it’s mid winter and I’m bored out of my brain! Enjoy!